Monday, April 21, 2014

Things that are different - Juma

There are many things that are different for me living in Uganda.  I would show you all of them but I will only show you four.  (It takes sooooo long to upload pictures!)

1. We drive on the left side of the road and the steering wheel is on the right.  Recently Okello, Nadine and I have gotten mixed up because we are so used to going to the same side as the driver.  Then we realize that there is no door on that side of the van.

2. In Uganda there are many mosquitoes.  They like me and especially Okello.  It's annoying and we don't want to get malaria.  So we sleep under mosquito nets.  Surprisingly, I got used to it very quickly.

3. Notice the next picture of milk says, "Full Cream Milk."  That and whole milk are what you find in the stores.  Sometimes you can find skim milk but not often. We haven't seen my favourite milk, 2% milk. This milk is very rich and I don't prefer it so we add cold water to our cups of milk.  Or, my mom makes chai, which is tea with milk (see picture below milk).  We have chai at breakfast and as an afternoon snack. I am starting to get tired of it.  But Papa will never say no to chai. 

4.  We now have a dog!  In Canada, Papa said that we would not have a dog because of where we lived.  Now we have a guard dog for security.  Right now he's still a puppy and he likes to play, as you can see in the picture.  His name is Lobo, which means "wolf" in Spanish.  He is very jumpy in the morning but then when the evening comes he is tired, which is interesting because that's the opposite from me.  I don't want to run around with him in the morning, but I would rather in the evening.  He is a good dog and I'm happy that we have a pet.  I didn't think it would be this fun.  The only thing I don't like is cleaning up his poop. 

I'll show you more some other time.

~ Juma


  1. oh Juma! How I miss hearing about all your thoughts on things. I love the way you see the world. It is so funny how you have a habit of always going to the same side of the van! I wonder how long it will take to unlearn that? The mosqito nets are kind of cool. I only had to sleep under on once when we went to visit your mom and dad in Kenya and we slept in a tent on a safari. it was cool. I liked it but I imagine if I had to sleep in there everynight it might get tiresome. And FULL CREAM milk? WOW! so different, Hey? Im glad you found a way to make it taste a little bit better. Lobo is so cute, I hope that he becomes a good friend to you as you grow older. we miss you so much Nephew! and pray for you and love! have a great day and thanks for the blog post. I loved it. love lots, Auntie Karleigh xoxo

  2. I wouldn't like cleaning up poop either, Juma! But that is part of being a responsible dog owner. The driving on the left is hard to get used to, I remember when we were in England. And don't worry, when I visit, you will get a break from the mosquitoes because they will all be feasting on me :(