Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mud or Dust

The climate in Uganda does not drastically change over the course of the year.  According to the World Factbook on Uganda, the climate is "tropical; generally rainy with two dry seasons (December to February, June to August)."  While it can be hot during the day, reaching about 30 Celsius (though the average annual temperature is 26 Celsius), thankfully it cools down to a comfortable temperature in the evening to around 15 to 17 Celsius.

But as stated above, there are two seasons:  Rainy and Dry.

Rain and Mud

 Some of the side roads have rivers flowing alongside.

 Going into town, you drive through large puddles (or ponds) as some of the drains are blocked.

 One morning, school started late as the students waited in the gazebo for the rain to let up.  Run in this rain and you are instantly soaked.

 The school doesn't have an indoor hallway where one can walk from class to class and stay dry.

 A glimpse of the fabulous cloud formations preceding a downpour.

Dry and Dusty

 Driving along the dusty road from Word of Life towards the main Entebbe Road.

 A closer look at the red, dusty road.

 Driving brings a dust-screen.  The businesses beside the road suffer in this constant dust brought on by the regular traffic.  It's also difficult for people to walk in it. 

 A closer look...

 The following 2 photos were taken in the same location.

 When it's wet and muddy, it is very slippery.  It feels more slippery than driving in snow!

 Dry and dusty.

When it has been dry and dusty, we long for the rain to return.  When it has rained a lot, we long for the dry, hot sun again to dry up the land.  We aren't ever satisfied, are we?

We've had a dry, dusty spell now since the turn of the year.  I woke up last night to rain... so refreshing!

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  1. Crazy! Seriously, though. Your pictures always make me want to come for a visit!