Friday, August 15, 2014

School in Uganda

School in Uganda has been an amazing experience!! I thank God for the people he has given me in my life to help me fit in. After one term I have noticed that there are many differences that have had large impacts on me. Here are a few.

First of all, school itself. We are going to a Christian School. At our public school in Canada we wouldn't learn or even talk about any gods or God. Now at Word of Life International we have daily devotions or quiet time. We have Chapel Time. (Papa is the Chaplain!) We also have Bible as a subject in class.  Lastly we have Bible clubs as well. 

School assembly out on the basketball court.  I'm leading in a time of prayer.

Secondly, no gymnasium. We don't play gym games but the up is we are always outside playing.

Games on the basketball court.

Thirdly is homework. There is a lot of homework, and in Abbotsford there have been many teachers of ours who don't want us to have homework. They even say so, so now getting maybe 1 or 2 hours a day seems like too much. But we have great averages for the three of us so it all makes sense. I got an 84% average and Nadine got 89% average for the term.

Then there is lunch. We don't bring our own lunch. There is a lunch hall which gives us a nice lunches but not always your typical Canadian meals.

Okello eating lunch in the hall with his friends.  We had "Crazy Friday" that day and that's why we are not dressed in our uniforms.

Lastly the classrooms. We have no lockers which means we have desks with insides on them. Most of the classes have chalkboards. I like the feeling of the classrooms.  (I'll get my mom to take a picture of us in our classroom when we are back next term.)

This is the lower primary block (preschool to grade 3).

So that was my blog post about WOLIS. Word of Life International School Uganda. I hope you know more about our school in Uganda.