Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In the Classroom

The kids are now on a school break until mid-January.  I had intended to post these a while ago, but better late than never!  Here are some pictures of us in our respective classrooms.

 Here is Okello, working hard on his Math, in his Grade 3 class.

Nadine and Juma in their Grade 7 class.

The Grade 9 class.  Every morning I spend time with this group, having devotions and praying together.  It's amazing how much I have learned from these students, and learned about them as they share their prayer requests.  It's even more amazing how I have come to care for them so much... I'm sure any teacher out there can attest to this.

Here they are again... with me. 

So here you are... a little taste into the classrooms we spend most of our days in!