Monday, July 6, 2015

A Visit to Uganda Reptile Village

Recently we celebrated Okello's birthday, and for a fun outing, we decided to head to the Uganda Reptile Village.  It's a bit off the beaten path, 3 km off the main highway, on a bumpy dirt road, but we are used to driving like that.

 A pose in front of the facility is always a good thing.  Having the kids pose for you, even better.

First exhibit: the python.  He freaked us out a bit.  He started to climb up the window that we were looking through.  Maybe he was just curious at who was admiring him.  Weird and cool to see him so up close.  We were glad for the glass barrier!

  Next we came along some cobras.  Very interesting snakes.  They saw us looking at them but really weren't bothered too much.  Then suddenly our guide went to the back of the exhibit, opened the door, and started to tease them to get them fired up.  They looked like they were ready to strike him! He definitely did not fear snakes! (A prerequisite, I'm sure, to work here.)

The snakes above are Egyptian cobras and the ones below are Forest cobras.

 We then looked at and held some turtles.
 Okello was reluctant at first, but saw how docile and harmless they were, so joined in.

 Then to the chameleon enclosure.  These creatures are always fun... not easy to find though!

 Once again, our guide popped into the back of a snake cage.  This time he pulled one out for us to see up close and touch.  When asked if this was a venomous snake, to which he replied, "Of course."  He was very skilled at handling the snake, and it was interesting to touch.  Meanwhile, the venom was dripping down the guide's hand.... eek!

We were pleasantly surprised at this excursion.  The knowledge and skill of the guide made it very enjoyable too.  I was hoping that this would lessen my fear of snakes, but really, it didn't.  Knowing that these snakes all live in Uganda, and that most of them are quite venomous... I just hope we don't encounter any outside of the Reptile Village!

So, if you ever do come and visit us here in Uganda... we just may take you there!