Sunday, October 12, 2014

Outings in Entebbe

We have in the last couple of weeks enjoyed some outings in a town called Entebbe.  Entebbe is a quiet, quaint town.  We enjoy going here as there is no traffic jam!  Entebbe is about 20 km from where we live.  When you fly into Uganda, you will land at the international airport in Entebbe.  The town is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa.

Two weeks ago we visited the Wildlife Education Center.  This place reminded us a bit of the Greater Vancouver Zoo, though quite a bit smaller.  The animals here are indigenous to Uganda, and most of the ones in this Center have been rescued.

Red-tailed monkey (cute heart-shaped nose!)



The Elder Tree - where the elders of Entebbe used to meet.

The kids and Emily sitting at the Elder tree.

Shoe-bill (same height as Okello)


Enjoying a camel ride.

Sharing the playground with the vervet monkeys.

More monkeys on the playground.

One must always pose for these...
Entrance to the Wildlife Education Center

Last Thursday, October 9, was Independence Day for Uganda.  We had a nice day off and decided to visit the Botanical Gardens in Entebbe.

A beautiful large tree (with a beautiful young girl).

Colobus monkeys (sorry - not a clear picture) - they are beautiful black monkeys with long white hair, and more rare to find.  For those of you who would like to learn more about them, click here.

The Kapok tree.  It's huge.  It can grow to over 150 feet.

Thought the vines on this tree look neat (with a hotel in the background...).

Checking out Lake Victoria.

On the shore of Lake Victoria.

Swinging on a vine (and Okello is a bit freaked out...).

On a termite hill.

Relaxing by the waterside.

Out for dinner at a lovely restaurant in Entebbe.  (Welli enjoys eating fish!)