Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Past Month or so...

The kids and I are enjoying our holidays from school at this time.  It has been a hectic term, culminating to a busy first-two weeks of August.  All has gone well and because it has been some time since I've posted anything on the blog... here's a snapshot of what's been going on since the beginning of July.

Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the church at Word of Life.

Welli, Gilbert and Steven leading the singing. 


Food and fellowship

Grade 8 girls leading worship at chapel.
I walked in to find Nadine leading with the guitar!

Teachers from Texas and North Carolina that came to lead
workshops at a Teachers Training Conference mid-July.

The soccer pitch (in a town called Lubowa) that the boys
play soccer at every Saturday.

Word of Life teachers singing at the Bible Institute
Graduation ceremony.

Welli leads the singing.

The first-ever graduating class of the
Word of Life Africa Bible Institute.

Director of Word of Life

It was a joy to have Dave Robertson be a
part of the ceremony.

From left to right: Thomas, Welli, Geremew, Rediet and
baby Tsega (Ethiopian student and his family),
Faith and Dolly; kids in the front

I will miss this sweet friend, Rediet, and her
beautiful daughter, Tsega, as they have
returned back to Ethiopia.

Out for lunch with friends to a favourite places in Entebbe.

The kids are enjoying it too.

Time to get out of the house for a swim. 

Witnessing a fellow teacher's wedding last weekend.

Praying for the couple - notice the traditional
dresses the women are wearing.

And they are married!

Enjoying a cute 3-year-old's
birthday party last Sunday.