Monday, April 20, 2015

An Amazing Safari

My trip to Western Uganda was a beautiful experience. One I will never forget. It was very good and we went to a game reserve. We enjoyed having fun with the Bagumas and Gilbert. I could write it all down but I will let pictures explain...   : )

We started the journey at 10:00am and it took 6 hours. This is the area where we were staying near Fort Portal, a bigger town in Western Uganda.

The house in which we all stayed in. (I was the only one with my own bed.)
We played soccer and other games. We also ate chicken and took a much needed sleep.

The next morning we took the two-hour drive to QENP. (QENP is Queen Elizabeth National Park.)

This was a beautiful crater lake by the road to the visitor centre. You can't see it but there were many flamingos and buffalos.

 I have two pictures of hippopotamuses and this one is to show you the size of its body. (Big, eh?)

To your left, the national bird of Uganda, the Uganda Crane. On your right, Uganda's national animal, the Ugandan Kob.

Here is a heard of female Kobs dominated by one male. Can you tell which one is the male?

This is a male water buck. He is alone because he was either too old or was defeated in a fight and kicked out.

This is the second hippo. Look at the head. If he opens his mouth...

This is a crocodile. It was a mother coming from guarding her eggs. Wonder where she's going...

This is where you can find a wide variety of birds.

This was the last elephant we saw. It is a huge young male and was one of the coolest things we saw the entire day.

 This is a herd of elephants walking and grazing in the fields.

After all this we went home and took a long sleep. We left for home at 2:00 and arrived at 8:00. It finished a great weekend of maybe 24 hours of driving (in the game park, we drove a lot to see the animals) but it is all worth it.